Getting the Home Ready for Photography

Houses photograph best when the potential buyers can "see" themselves living there. Photography should be scheduled last, just before listing the property. Here is a quick check-list of items that should be addressed before the shoot day.

General Information:

  • - Complete Address. Example: 5555 Canyon Dr. Yucca Valley, CA 92284

  • - Access Information such as gate code, alarm code, and keys.                                      

  • - Homeowner approval. If the home is occupied OR unoccupied please make sure the owner is aware of the shoot time and gives approval. Homeowners and Realtors can be present during the shoot if they choose.

  • - Pets should be placed in a safe location or owner should be present to take care of them during shoot time. 


  • - Home should be thoroughly cleaned by a cleaning crew or homeowner.

  • - De-clutter all counter tops, kitchen, bathroom, office, etc.

  • - Make the beds and do the dishes.

  • - Clean the windows. If they are dirty the images will show it.

  • - Remove personal nick-nacks and family pictures.            


  • - Yard is to be cleaned of weeds and plants trimmed before the shoot day.

  • - Hoses and pool toys are to be put away or cleaned up nicely.

  • - Trashcans should be placed in the garage or hidden from view.

  • - Cars/trucks/campers/boats are to be parked across the street or out of view. Not in the driveway.